Things I Know About You.

White Paper
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Tell secrets. Tell lies. Tell truths. Tell half truths. 


Weaving stories and facts to tangle up the truth as limbs thread through limbs.

Things I Know About You explores how we lie, and plays with what we can convince each other and the audience of with our bodies and words.

Ripped Cardboard
Vintage Blank Stamp

Things I Know About You is a new collaboration between Sarah April Lamb and Alex Aina born from their work with the Roundhouse Street Circus Collective. Currently in development this new interdisciplinary work will be available for touring from mid 2019.

When & Where?

Work in Progress sharings:


June 4th: The Last Word, Roundhouse

June 8th: Derby Book Festival

July TBC: Tilted, Jacksons Lane

Photos: Pheobe Lula Photography