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Almost Apart

Out of Touch: A Festival of Intimacy, 19th June 2021

‘Hands. Face. Space.’

Washing our hands and rubbing in sanitiser have been actions permeating our lives throughout the pandemic. We have been told to wash our hands for at least 20 seconds before we leave home, when we arrive home, and to sanitise at regular points in between. This action has become overly familiar, one that has caused our hands to dry out, one that has made us wary of what we touch. Handwashing, with its potential for intimacy, has become a moment of disconnection.

Almost Apart is a one-on-one immersive experience commissioned by UCL Culture that brings intimacy to washing our hands, seeking to reinsert tenderness, care, and awareness into this act. When touch has been taken from us in so many ways, we seek to return to it in Almost Apart through acts of love, and self-love.

Created by Sarah April Lamb
Design by Nelson Holtz
Sound by Oliver Alexander
Performed by Sarah April Lamb and Dylan Gaston 

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