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Bare Threads

Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2017

From shimmying into a bikini under a beach towel to slowly taking off a lover's shirt, Bare Threads explores what we reveal of ourselves as we peel away our layers of clothes and wrap ourselves back up. Join us as we seek spontaneity and routine, awkwardness and abandon, intimacy and sensuality as we experiment with our wardrobe.

"Bare Threads is a wonderfully crafted piece of physical genius and shows off the talent of this young company. It is both hilarious and thoughtful and an inspired concept" (Edinburgh Guide)

To Breathe

Summerhall (Edinburgh), 2015

Four humours, four seasons, four elements. To Breathe is a physical exploration of how each body and each life breathes as it moves through cycles of being. With each expansion and contraction of our lungs, and with every beat of our heart, our bodies tell stories that tie us to the earth.

'Fast, powerful and ever-ready to surprise' (Broadway Baby)


A Thief on the Wind

Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2014

A cursed wind, tired of watching the monotonous lives of the people it blows past, brings a storm to a town stirring up chaos amongst its inhabitants. A Thief on the Wind celebrates the present moment, inviting the audience to be placed in the centre of the action and to choose who to follow throughout the performance.

'It’s a piece that blurs fantasy with reality and when a storm builds and the group swoop around and at us it’s effective, invigorating stuff.’ (The Scotsman)