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Find me, Fool

Oct 2022

FIND ME, FOOL is an immersive promenade performance through a home: a home of queer folk, a home of chosen family, a home watched over by the figures of the tarot. Enter a world where the tarot deck comes to life in daily queer experience - where the Lovers look over first touches of new romance; where Death is called as a prom dress is laid to rest; where the devastation of the Tower glares over family dinners that we scream through together; and where The Star shines from within as we wash away old selves in the bath.

In a world where we are constantly being asked to question if we are too queer, if we are queer enough; to justify our sexuality, our gender, our lives; where we only see ourselves represented as pure glamour or utter tragedy - come to our place for a cuppa, come join us for a dance, and get lost in a home where we are the Lovers and the Devil, the Sun and the Moon, where we are the World – complete, connected, celebrated.

"beautifully crafted"

"immersive and captivating"

"beautifully explored both the fears and joys of inner queer identity"

We are proud to be supported by Arts Council England.


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Almost Apart

Out of Touch: A Festival of Intimacy, 19th June 2021

‘Hands. Face. Space.’

Washing our hands and rubbing in sanitiser have been actions permeating our lives throughout the pandemic. We have been told to wash our hands for at least 20 seconds before we leave home, when we arrive home, and to sanitise at regular points in between. This action has become overly familiar, one that has caused our hands to dry out, one that has made us wary of what we touch. Handwashing, with its potential for intimacy, has become a moment of disconnection.

Almost Apart is a one-on-one immersive experience commissioned by UCL Culture that brings intimacy to washing our hands, seeking to reinsert tenderness, care, and awareness into this act. When touch has been taken from us in so many ways, we seek to return to it in Almost Apart through acts of love, and self-love.

Created by Sarah April Lamb
Design by Nelson Holtz
Sound by Oliver Alexander
Performed by Sarah April Lamb and Dylan Gaston 

Things I Know About You

Last Word Festival, Roundhouse 2019

Tell secrets. Tell lies. White lies. Tell truths. Half truths. 

Weaving stories and facts to tangle up the truth as limbs thread through limbs; using the game Two Truths and a Lie alongside acrobatic choreography, Things I Know About You explores how we lie, playing with what we can convince each other and the audience of with our bodies and words.


A new collaboration between Sarah April Lamb and Alex Aina born from their work with the Roundhouse Street Circus Collective.


Bare Threads

Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2017

From shimmying into a bikini under a beach towel to slowly taking off a lover's shirt, Bare Threads explores what we reveal of ourselves as we peel away our layers of clothes and wrap ourselves back up. Join us as we seek spontaneity and routine, awkwardness and abandon, intimacy and sensuality as we experiment with our wardrobe.

"Bare Threads is a wonderfully crafted piece of physical genius and shows off the talent of this young company. It is both hilarious and thoughtful and an inspired concept" (Edinburgh Guide)

To Breathe

Summerhall (Edinburgh), 2015

Four humours, four seasons, four elements. To Breathe is a physical exploration of how each body and each life breathes as it moves through cycles of being. With each expansion and contraction of our lungs, and with every beat of our heart, our bodies tell stories that tie us to the earth.

'Fast, powerful and ever-ready to surprise' (Broadway Baby)


A Thief on the Wind

Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2014

A cursed wind, tired of watching the monotonous lives of the people it blows past, brings a storm to a town stirring up chaos amongst its inhabitants. A Thief on the Wind celebrates the present moment, inviting the audience to be placed in the centre of the action and to choose who to follow throughout the performance.

'It’s a piece that blurs fantasy with reality and when a storm builds and the group swoop around and at us it’s effective, invigorating stuff.’ (The Scotsman)

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