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"Almost Apart was an inspiring performance in challenging times. Its intimate sensitivity created a space where human touch was innovatively revealed for its vital importance to the human condition. Beautifully presented with its zipped environment and the cleverly amplified rippling water which created a resonance of echoes. The diving suit helmet image added a disturbing and necessary counter activity to the gentleness of the ritualised hand washing which was impeccably performed." Geraldine Pilgrim (Geraldine Pilgrim Performance Company) on Almost Apart


"I feel like it was one for the quiet, gentle queers who get left out often"

"It was both immersive and captivating"

"I loved that it was interactive. I felt that Find me Fool beautifully explored both the fears and joys of inner queer identity. I think it weaved in and out of both public and private moments so as an audience member I felt that I was really transported on the whole journey both internally and externally. I felt that the tarot created a wonderful framework to exploring all these elements and gave really unique character to the visual elements of the show as well."

"Find me Fool made me feel curious, seen, accepted and silly (a good playful kind of silly).

"Felt so seen and heard in the softest and most welcomed way"

"At times I felt overwhelmed with joy and compassion while elsewhere uneasiness would take over"

Audience feedback from Find me, Fool

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